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About me

Julian lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where he paints in his home studio.
Julian draws on over 30 years of graphic design and art direction experience, his work is rapidly maturing and is in great demand. With a large base of leased artworks, multiple exhibitions and work in collections throughout the world, Julian's work is gathering an ever growing following.

Preferred Media

Acrylic on Canvas
Digital Painting
Hybrid Digital, Analog Limited Editions


Galleried - Professional Artist

Quay Gallery - Whitford

Art Select - Newmarket

Preferred Mediums

Acrylic Digital
Mixed media

My Dream

Like so many others before me, It all started with a dream. I still remember the dream as clear as day. I was in a gallery. There were no walls or floors, only a velvety pitch black backdrop punctuated by stars. Floating on invisible walls were amazing works of art. Each piece of art in the exhibition was large, very large. The colours and compositions were indescribable, I was 16 years old. Since having that inspiring dream, I have been working towards outworking this vision.

Feel free to reach out to get in touch.

Mob: 021 354 383


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